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No Exit, a play by Jean-Paul Sartre, is the inspiration behind this new creation from Alexandra “Spicey” Landé, In-Ward. The famous but accurate quote "Hell is other people" highlights the complexity of human relationships; it challenges us and disturbs us. Our relationships with others are often a source of conflict; what happens when a group of individuals are forced to live together whether in a family context, school or even more dramatic, in prison or a psych ward? 

As a kind of forced coexistence, this type of experience, while banal and complex at the same time, presents a huge challenge and can create a feeling of deep isolation. Ghettoization, intersubjectivity, and dual consciousness can result from this dramatic circumstance throwing its players further in the depth of solitude. 

(60min piece).


Choreographer and Artistic director: Alexandra ‘Spicey’ Landé

Rehearsal director: Frédérique 'Pax' Dumas

Dancers: 6 – With dancers collaboration
Ja James ‘Jigsaw’ Britton Johnson 
Christina ‘Hurricane Tina’ Paquette  
Nindy ‘Banks’ Pierre-Louis J
Jonathan ‘JStyle’ Mokuma 
Elie-Anne ‘Rawss’ Ross
Jaleesa 'Tea Leaf' Coligny

Music conception: Richard “Shash’U” St-Aubin – Silence D’Or & Jai Nitai Lotus 
Light Conception and Technical Directors: Benoit Larivière & Leticia Hamaoui 
Artistic advisor: Anne Plamondon 
Outside eye: Frédérique Dumas & Helen Simard

In-ward’s creation was supported by the Centre de Création O Vertigo - CCOV and its 2017-2018 co-production residency program.

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Technical Residency : MAI

Creation residency :
- Danse Danse 
- Agora de la danse 
- Banff Arts Center 
- Nyata Nyata 
- Danse à la Carte 
- Tyler-Anne Dance school